About NHC


New Heights Counseling follows a whole-person approach that emphasizes physical, mental, emotional, and interpersonal factors. It’s important that our clients gain a mindfulness of how our thoughts and emotions impact our physical bodies. mind-body-spirit

The client experience

My clients experience safety, comfort, and understanding in working with us. They begin to feel liberated, and no longer constrained to the expectations placed upon them by our current culture or familial expectations. My clients better understand themselves, what makes them “tick,” and what set’s their soul on fire. During my work with clients, things begin to reveal themselves, and we begin to discover all the ways of thinking that isn’t serving you. You’ll start to feel secure, confident, and understand that, our words bring to life an energetic alignment. We teach our clients that while the world of reality has its limits, the world of their imagination is without boundaries.

Our Approach

I offer a safe space where you’ll feel comfortable, understood, and valued. While we’re incredibly empathic, we don’t allow our clients to stay in victimhood. I refuse to let you stay stuck! I help to keep you on track and accountable. Therapy is a two-way relationship, and I need you to do your part too. I want you go get better, feel better, do better, and live better. We provide real-world, daily applications that are easy to incorporate. My work is entirely tailored to each client’s needs. There isn’t a, 1 way for everyone. You are unique and in honoring that, we listen to your pain, dreams, and create techniques suitable to meet your lifestyle.

How effective is therapy/coaching?

Therapy is such an intricate part of rediscovering who you are. I’m a believer that we were designed to be in community with one another and utilize each other to grow, heal, and discover. Working with a therapist may feel scary, or unfamiliar. You may also think that you can just, “talk to a friend or family member” and that’s enough. Your relationship with your therapist is unique, in that, it’s just about you. It may be the only time you have to simply share about all the things you’re going through, without judgement, interruption or bias. It’s an undisturbed moment where you can just be yourself. Your therapist is on your side! Your biggest cheerleader, your biggest fan. As you step into what may initially feel uncomfortable in speaking with a therapist, you’ll slowly feel more at ease and begin to learn more about yourself than you’ve ever known before. The value of having a therapist/coach who’s always on your side, propels you towards your wanted desire, creates not only accountability, but helps you process and obtain an unbiased perspective.