Group: Spirituality & the 12 Steps

Are you or your loved-one struggling with addiction? Have you tried everything else and you still find it challenging to overcome this?

About the group

Christian-based exploration of addictive behaviors, what the scripture says about it, and how through community in group we can find comfort. You do not have to be Christian to participate in this group, yet we do go through biblical scripture, and begin and end group in prayer.

  • Men & Women Groups
  • 12 meetings
  • Age 18 & over¬† (minors may be accepted with parents consent, and maturity)
  • 90 minute meetings
  • Meet 1x/week for 12 weeks
  • 6-8 group members

“Addicts develop a love and trust relationship with a substance or a compulsion of some kind, which becomes their primary emotional relationship with life itself. This is a god who cannot save. It is a momentary intensity passing for the intimacy they really want, and it is always quickly over.” Rick Rohr


Group lead by: Karin Awad LMFT, & Jenna Masters MA (Christian Ministry w/Pastoral Counseling)