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Has a difficult transition or loss left you sad, stuck or confused?

Are you living the life you’re happy with, or the life you feel you deserve? How would you describe your current state of being or the quality of your life? The mundane daily routine of doing all the things expected of you, and still, you feel drained, hopeless and unsatisfied. Are you tuned into the relationships and experiences around you or do you easily tune-out and detach because you’re too exhausted? It’s easy to detach today from not only our partners, friends, family, and coworkers, we even detach from our purpose. Are you aligned with your highest purpose? Do you feel out of balance?

Are you confused, worried or overwhelmed by a lack of direction and focus in your life, relationships or career? Do you feel disconnected or uninspired at home or in the workplace and question whether you have the experience or skills needed to make a change? You may have put your personal life or relationships on hold for your career and now wonder if you made the right decision. Perhaps you aren’t as far along in your career as you thought you would be by now. Or, maybe you feel stuck in an unfulfilling job or relationship because of the stability it provides. It may be that changes at work have impacted your role or responsibilities, and you no longer feel happy, engaged or inspired. Or, you may have lost someone close to you and haven’t been able to grieve and heal on your own terms and in your own time. Do you want to make a change but worry it may not be the right decision for yourself or your family?

Whether planned or abrupt, life transitions can catch you off guard, and you may be struggling to adapt after a change in your personal life, work life or relationships. Perhaps you feel isolated after going through a divorce or losing a loved one. Or, maybe your children moved out and you are struggling with empty nest syndrome. Even changes that are normally viewed as positive, such as being promoted or having a new baby, can create stress and self-doubt. You may recognize that you need help getting your life and/or career on track, but aren’t sure what you can do to feel more secure, confident and empowered. Do you wish you had the guidance, support and hope needed to navigate a confusing or painful transition and find a clear path forward?

Everyone goes through difficult life transitions

Everyone struggles with this. You’re not alone! When we are complacent we lose touch with what’s important to us. This happens at different stages in our lives. No one is invincible to complacency. We have to be active participants, and this can at times be difficult with all the demands placed on us.

Change is a natural part of life, but we aren’t always prepared to navigate transitions or recover from a loss. Sometimes, it feels like change is forced on us, as with the loss of a job, the end of a relationship or the loss of a child, parent, partner or loved one. Other times, we work toward creating change or engaging in personal growth, but feel stuck in place or worry that we’ll make the wrong decision for ourselves, our partner or our children. It can be difficult knowing how to transition from one way of living to another, especially if the change requires a move away from family, friends or a close-knit professional community. You may have turned to loved ones for personal or career guidance and support, but they weren’t able to offer the neutral advice you need to feel confident in your decisions. Perhaps you have considered working with a life coach who can help you get back on track quickly, but feel ashamed or embarrassed that you haven’t been able to achieve personal goals on your own.

The truth is that we all go through times when we need help managing change in one or more aspects of our lives. A life transitions counselor can give you guidance, support and a neutral perspective to help you identify and recognize your own values, needs and goals and move forward with increased confidence, focus and direction.