Relationship Issues


“The distance from your pain, your grief, your unattended wounds, is the distance from your partner.” Stephen & Ondrea Levine

Why am I struggling in my intimate relationships?

No matter how successful we are, how wonderful our communication skills, how many couples retreats we have attended, or how deeply we understand our own patterns of avoiding intimacy, as long as we’re entangled with our family history, we can distance ourselves from the one we love most. Unconsciously, we’ll repeat family patterns of neediness, mistrust, anger, withdrawal, and blame our partner for our unhappiness when the true source lies behind us.

IS there something wrong with me?

No! Many people find themselves struggling with healthy relationships.  It can be intimate relationships, or relationships with coworkers, friends, or even family.  Having tumultuous relationships can have a negative impact on our self-worth.  It can often feel crippling to continuously find oneself in bad relationships.  I enjoy working with people as they explore what healthy relationships look like.